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In the spiritual world, people have bodies, live in houses, enjoy community life, and are surrounded by landscapes are like those of Earth, with familiar plants and animals. However, things work very differently in spiritual reality. Everything there is vivid and much more alive.

What we see responds to what we are thinking. We always have all the time we need. Particular individuals are only as near or as far away as our thoughts of them, and thinking of a person or place can actually bring us there.

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In short, while the spiritual world might not seem very different from ours at first, Swedenborg describes a realm where the inner state of individuals are reflected in their surroundings and where all life originates from, and is sustained by, the love and wisdom of the Lord. In his book Heaven and Hell , Swedenborg says that he was allowed to experience the process of dying and being awakened in the spiritual world so that he could tell people on earth what it was like.

He describes how angels sat beside him, unseen by most because angels are in the spiritual world. These angels stayed with him throughout the entire transition, surrounding him with loving thoughts.

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He experienced the transition from a physical existence to a spiritual one as though his eyes were being opened for the first time. He was then able to see into the spiritual world.

Swedenborg says that once awakened to spiritual realities, a person might experience a number of different things, depending on what type of life he or she has led. Most people start in the world of spirits. Swedenborg calls the realm we enter immediately after death the world of spirits, an intermediate realm situated between heaven and hell. He describes three states that people might pass through in this realm. In the first state, people are essentially the same as they were in life. They have all of their memories, they have the same beliefs and attitudes toward things, and they may even manifest the same surroundings that they had on earth.

When people first enter the spiritual world, they often meet friends or relatives who crossed over before them. Spouses will be reunited, although not necessarily forever. If two people were truly of one mind on earth, they will live together as spouses in heaven too. However, if they were not happily married, or if their personalities are fundamentally different, they will eventually part ways. Those who did not find love on earth, Swedenborg says, will eventually find their perfect match in heaven—no one is ever alone unless they wish to be.

FST: Spiritual Teachings: Life in the Spirit World, Part 1

This is the plot conflict of the biblical story that leads to Jesus, and we explore it in this final video of our Spiritual Being series. In the opening pages of the Bible, God appoints humans to rule the world on his behalf.

Host of Heaven. Spiritual beings are complex, but are part of the unified narrative of the Bible. Continue Your Learning Journey.

DMT: Portal to the Spirit World

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Son of Man. The title Jesus most often used for himself is the "Son of Man. Related Blog Posts. Who is the Angel of the Lord? Carissa Quinn The Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament, contains some figures and features difficult for our modern minds to understand. So who is this char Keep Reading. Podcast Series. Related Podcast Series. God Series.

Spirit world (Spiritualism)

This was our longest running podcast series and is also our most listened to! God Series Episode 1. God Series Episode 2. If we start practicing mental concentration without calming the vibrations of the mind, this might result in possession by stray spirits. Essentially, before we are able to contact the Spirit World, the door to our subconscious needs to be open and for this to happen we have to gradually quiet the surface consciousness.

Spiritual beings are complex, but are part of the unified narrative of the Bible.

When the door of the subconscious is open, depending on the state of mind, there is the possibility of contacting not heaven but hell instead. Those who always live in a good-hearted way, who try to have good thoughts and do good deeds, can easily start contacting their guardian and guiding spirits as soon as they silence the surface consciousness. But those who have few good thoughts and hardly ever endeavor to do good deeds are very likely to come under negative spiritual influences.

Self-reflection practiced on a daily basis helps us to maintain the Right Mind as well as prepare it for meditation. As regards to your environment in which to meditate, it is important to choose a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed by worldly vibrations. Happy Science Shojas Monasteries and Happy Science Faith Centers are perfect places to meditate not only because they are peaceful and quiet environments, but also because they are spiritually protected.

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Meditation does not exist just for its own sake. By practicing meditation we are given the chance to contact the world from which we originate and glimpse into an ideal world. During meditation we receive light from the other world through our brother or sister souls or from more advanced guiding spirits, so we can transform it into a source of vitality, a source of energy for our everyday life, and an origin of wisdom to dissolve our problems.

The Spiritual World The Spiritual World
The Spiritual World The Spiritual World
The Spiritual World The Spiritual World
The Spiritual World The Spiritual World
The Spiritual World The Spiritual World
The Spiritual World The Spiritual World
The Spiritual World The Spiritual World
The Spiritual World The Spiritual World
The Spiritual World

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