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See examples containing truly 14 examples with alignment. And the testimony of a loyal servant against his former master. Written with the hand of your servant , henry.

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He asked an awful lot of questions for a valet. For a servant in that situation, restraint is Hobson's choice. Perhaps you do not, but some servant of the Draconian empire employed them. You can't be a goddess without a servant.

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I'll stand by you: one servant should always stand by another. I offer myself to you as your humble servant. Banish this cruel devil, from the soul of this innocent servant.

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Even a servant's promise should be kept. And may the womb of your humble servant Louise be fruitful. I received a letter from a former servant. Money is a good servant , but a bad master. Definitions are a servant - or handmaiden - to the intended scope.

He is the devil's valet, he does more that he is ordered.

You make these outrageous accusations against a knight on the word of your servant? Thank you I will inform his Imperial Highness of the duplicity and treachery of his high and most trusted servant. That's why I jumped at the opportunity to have you as my new servant.

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  6. They're elegant songs that evolve patiently, even if they don't immediately bring to mind traditional song structures. That is, perhaps, the stroke of artistry that sets Blood is Clean apart from the pack. So often artists will pretend to play with the idea of the song, stretching it beyond its classical limits either by destruction or some lesser form of decay.

    Owens' own approach maintains the artistry of song-craft and simultaneously expands its horizons. By fluctuating between abstract and concrete music she creates a bizarre tension that's both enjoyable to the mind and entertaining in general.

    Translation of "слуги" in English

    It's my favorite piece on the album and perhaps the best thing Owens has ever written. In a way it's a cleansing piece of music, washing away whatever relations to the world the rest of the album established by way of metaphor. In another way it calls to mind the strange and supernatural spirit of gothic America, immersing me, along with the rest of the album, in a frame of mind partially familiar, nightmarish, and wholly intriguing. Good luck still finding this one, as if you didn't get it while they were on tour, your only chance is off their website, where they may still have a few copies left.

    Available at the merchandise counter on their European tour, this EP is a collection of studio tracks the band has released as bonus tracks on import releases of the album or on other tour releases, as well as a couple of live recordings. Remember Me. Reviews - Albums and Singles. I remember hearing a supposed "recording from hell" on Art Bell's Coast to Coast radio program years ago and upon hearing the latest project from Honey Owens Jackie-O Motherfucker, Nudge , I was immediately reminded of those apparently satanic vibrations. Blood is Clean isn't particularly vicious, tormented, or evil in character, but Owens' ghostly voice and hazy songs on this record are uniquely haunting.

    The Devils Valet The Devils Valet
    The Devils Valet The Devils Valet
    The Devils Valet The Devils Valet
    The Devils Valet The Devils Valet
    The Devils Valet The Devils Valet
    The Devils Valet The Devils Valet
    The Devils Valet The Devils Valet

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