The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam

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The candidates were to write an essay about why they thought they should be the chaplain's assistant and then be interviewed. I don't believe in coincidence; I believe in God's divine appointment.

God, the Army, and PTSD

There was no chapel, so they were given an old officer's barracks, and with volunteers and local help, they gutted the building, made a room for the chaplain to live in and an office for Price, and the rest was turned into the sanctuary. They would line up at the gate every morning, wanting to be hired. The women washed the clothes and did the housekeeping, and the men did repair work, carpentry work. Some were regulars and they didn't have to stand in line; they had passes," Price said. One of Price's duties was getting to the chapel early on Sunday morning and setting it up for a Catholic service, with kneeling rails for the Catholic priest, who came from another base, to conduct services.

When he finished, Price turned the chapel back into a Protestant church setting. The biggest emotional negative that the men needed help with was the 'Dear John' letters -- letters from girlfriends or wives ending their relationship," Price said. Price drove the chaplain to different bases, some as nearby as couple of hours, and some that took a day to reach.

They used a helicopter if it was available and also had field services.

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It is the place to Vietnamese as the Vatican is to Catholics. Keep up the great work and support of our troops. We will be deploying this fall, I think that my new unit will like these too. Strength for Service devotionals have also been requested by wives and parents attending the Yellow Ribbon events for families. I found it to be extremely uplifting. We are deploying soon and I and my chaplain would like to be as well prepared as we can possibly be.

That I why we decided to place an order for this book because lifted spirits can prevent all kinds of complications that can occur under the stress of deployment. You have no idea how appreciated you are. I received one of these when I deployed and am now requesting some to provide to soldiers in my state who are deploying.

Thank you for the support and encouragement you provide through these devotionals. It is comforting to them when we show how much we support and care for them. These are a big encouragement to them. It will be a tool that I hold on to and use at the point the president and the United States Army calls upon my service. Thanks for the resource and I pray that this is a tool that is continued to be provided to service members in the future. Your beliefs on the war are irrelevant to deciding to support this ministry. December of , I deployed for six months as the command chaplain for a Joint Special Operations Task Force combating terrorism.

He had only spent ONE Christmas with his oldest son. I said nothing about this only being my first away from my family. I shared a copy of Strength for Service with this military member and hundreds like him. I heard countless stories of how during times of high stress like holidays away from family have given them Strength to continue serving their country! Chaplain Corps have very limited if any funding while deployed. Your generosity makes the Strength for Service critical to military chaplains throughout the world!

Many times it is the only source in addition to Bibles to put into the hands of our faithful men and women of the Armed Services to help them keep going and keep the faith during times of stress, need and loneliness.

While we have you...

God has seen fit that now I serve in the active duty Army and have recently moved to Fort Hood, site of the Nov. And I am now doing double duty covering another battalion with another 1, soldiers that is without a chaplain. Both battalions appear to have been without a chaplain for a few months and there is absolutely no religious-support material for either one.

Anything that you can donate would be greatly appreciated. My primary battalion is gearing up to deploy in September, For my last two assignments, I have given the Strength for Service devotional as a graduation gift for the soldiers who graduated basic training, Fort Jackson and for cadets who graduated the Academy at West Point. They highly value such a historic and yet spiritual document. Please share with the caring members of the United Methodist Church that these devotionals are placed in the hands of the future leaders of the United States Army and thank them for their contributions.

As many churches realize there is not a lot of direct feedback from outreach ministries. Sometimes it is in the planting of the seed and allowing God to send someone to water and nourish. I can tell you that I have seen patients reading your materials. I have had patients thank me for providing these great resources. I have also had one of our staff come in and ask for one to send to her deployed son.

Medal of Honor Catholic Chaplain Recipients

I will be serving about soldiers while deployed to Kuwait. Our subordinate unit ministry teams have cleaned me out. As the senior ministry team, we try to keep our other ministry teams supplied with these devotionals. We will be deploying in December and I would like to provide your resource to each of the deploying soldiers in my battalion. The reason for requesting the large quantity is that our mission here at Fort Dix is mobilizing and demobilizing soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines and coast guard personnel. We truly appreciate your donation.

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Strength for Servi ce is a great book that all have loved. It is a ship built out of metal from the World Trade Center. Any help for our crew would be great. We are just beginning a long deployment and I need copies of Strength for Service. I am very thankful and excited to receive the copies for my sailors. They are very popular and we could definitely distribute more.

We have some books, but would love to have more. Thanks so much for all you do. Be have had Strength for Service books before, and they are very popular with our troops.

Chaplain Assistants video

We are currently running low on tan copies, and I would like to request additional copies. I also serve a battalion of Marines. These are great portable books that these guys can really get a lot of use out of. I appreciate the support. It means a lot to them while they are away from his or her family. Your dedication and loving spirit is greatly appreciated. I have had such an overwhelming response that I would like to order enough for all deploying.

I am the deployment cycle support manager and run the deployment prep workshops. Thanks for all that you do. This book will be a blessing to many. I know the guys would really appreciate them, and I know they would use them.

The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam
The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam
The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam
The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam
The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam The Chaplains Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam

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