The Art of Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is not a very sexy topic. When I tell people about my current creative endeavor to create a communal art project about the power of forgiveness… well, not everyone is as excited as I am.

Dr. Fred Luskin: The Art and Science of Forgiveness (Workshop)

And I totally get it. It can be messy and painful. Acknowledging wrong that has been done to you and making a choice to forgive is not always simple. It can be emotionally exhausting and not exactly how we want to spend our limited free time. It can be uncomfortable, sure, but so many of the actions that nourish our soul and enrich our lives with meaning take a little sweat and effort.

To live a simple life is not just about an organized kitchen, it is also about internal simplicity, taking the time to clean out resentment from your heart. To put it mildly, that stirred up all kinds of anger and resentment. In the process, I realized that there was a lot and I do mean A LOT of other areas of my life where I needed to forgive that had nothing to do with my marriage. I had to forgive myself, too.

I had to forgive myself for a very, very long list of failures and mistakes. For me, this journey is about my choice to let go and release, not about trying to pour guilt or shame on anyone. As an artist, most of the life lessons I learn get worked out through some creative medium.

The Art of Forgiveness - Contemporary Voices

They wronged you, and in a certain sense, they owe you. I have found a meaningful parallel between the act of creating and the art of forgiveness. To forgive is to remove bitterness and create more space for love, gentleness and kindness. I am passionate about this topic and this project.

I want to encourage as many people as possible about the power of choosing to forgive. I invite you to check out my project, write down your own statement of forgiveness and share your story with me. Be vulnerable. Be brave. Talk to your kids about forgiveness. Talk to your friends about it. Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing about your journey of forgiveness.

What have you learned about forgiveness? What do you want to teach your kids about it? I guess we all have people we we could forgive.

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Your class sounds really interesting, off to check it out now. Forgiveness is a hard topic for me, but God has given me the ability to forgive very deep hurts. The last several years, God really has helped me in this area. I know it is not something I could have done in my own strength. Beautifully written.

My dad described it as that person we are angry at being out playing golf and being completely unaware of our spinning all over the place being consumed by anger. I love how you wrote this and how you are trying to find beauty and expression through those hurts. At one time, I thought forgiveness was a one time deal.

As I grow older, I realize that forgiveness is a daily act. What helps me be willing to forgive is remembering that I, too, have hurt others intentionally or not and have needed it myself. When you think about it, We really have no right to not forgive when we have been forgiven much. Oh how I wish that the times I very unintentionally hurt someone, that I had been given the benefit of the doubt by that person. Now, I have not had to wrestle with and forgive a husband leaving. There is one very important thing about forgiveness that I think people have to know.

You can only forgive what is done to you. Nothing was done to them. And another things is , some things really are beyond forgiveness. Such a hard topic. Everyone has at least someone that they can forgive. It is always very freeing when you let go of the bitterness and forgive someone or yourself. Crystal, this is a beautiful post. I love the part about creating more space for love, kindness, and gentleness.

I live in the Middle East, and my husband just completed his doctoral dissertation from Fuller Seminary on forgiveness and the lack of it in the culture where we live. This has been a life changing topic for us. I actually think that this should always be the goal of our simplifying endeavors… You picked definitely a tough topic but I think whoever masters forgiveness, can probably handle most hard things that life throws at you!

Great topic. I guess I should forgive them for having a bad website? Good stuff! A lady, I think it was from Inner bonding, said if I remember correctly that we have trouble forgiving others because WE are still doing to ourselves what they did to us, in some way. That was so helpful! Also, learning about the Shadow authors I like are Debbie Ford and James Hollis for instance and inner child work John Bradshaw has been so very helpful. By learning more about the human psyche and embracing all of my human emotions and qualities, I have come a lot further in having compassion for and in forgiving myself and others.

And really feeling it more and more, you know, not just knowing in my head that it would do me good to release my shame and to forgive.

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Forgive and forget. I use to think that forgiveness was letting someone get away with wrong doing, or justice not being served. I use to think that forgiveness was only between me and someone. I was wrong. It is releasing control and gaining everything. Forgiveness is forgiving a person. Let me teach you the advanced art of forgiveness. And another thing I like about forgiveness is the power it gives us to stretch and have a feel of both banks of the river — to be individuals who understand, well, what comes with being forgiven and doing the forgiving.

I too have been pondering the meaning of forgiveness in my life. Coming from a very dysfunctional family and being assaulted in the military, I lived with many resentments and conflicting feelings for years. I became depressed for three years, and ended up in the mental health unit of the hospital several times.

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    The Art of Forgiveness The Art of Forgiveness
    The Art of Forgiveness The Art of Forgiveness
    The Art of Forgiveness The Art of Forgiveness
    The Art of Forgiveness The Art of Forgiveness
    The Art of Forgiveness The Art of Forgiveness

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