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Are they doing ok? The mother may have abandoned them if one had the scent of a dog on it. I had a drean i was at church but the priest was not of God he got mad when i put a cross on him. I left the church and my grandma gave me a little school bus. I left to get away from the church, and i noticed a whole bunch of jack rabbits in there jumping around. I drove around the corner and then i let one rabbit out and the rest followed. Soon after i wrecked the bus, i side swiped a vw bettle but the guy caught up with me but he was on a motorcycle.

I apologized and he went from being angry to a better mood, especially after one guy whom i hadnt spoke to in a while showed up out of no where and said he would take care of everything and i qas able to walk away and resume my day and then i woke up…… what does it mean if it means anything. I am curious to decipher this dream. I was doing laundry and left a grey dwarf rabbit on the drying rack. The bunny was litterally hanging. I guess I waited too long to remember that the bunny hanging there would eventually fatigue, which would cause harm to the bunny.

Coral and the unlucky Bunny

So, when I ran back to check on the bunny, who was now all dry, I saw it was still alive and when I went to pick the bunny up and remove it from the drying rack, pulse while in my hands and then let out a fluid and died. It was terrible and I was distraught and trying to resusciate it.

Its quite a layered dream. I am curious for an alternative analysis. After all Easter is time of Bunny, time of rebirth, time of Fertility…. I see it maybe times per month and the last time my dogs were slowly chasing it across the yard before it jetted out of the home it came in from. Last night though, I dreamt I was on my back patio and saw him creep around the corner of the house to munch on his favorite spot of weeds but it hopped back around the house when it saw me.

Then I saw a large silky black rabbit slowly hop around the corner but when it saw me it just sniffed the air then started to creep slowly towards the patio and then towards the sliding door. I was standing to one side of the black rabbit about 3 feet away. I had a big fight with a boyfriend recently and ended up pretty sad. I went to sleep and I dreamt that I was pulling out a white bunny out of something and putting it on a pan alive because I wanted to cook it. The bunny was sweating and suffering and made me very sad so I grabbed a knife and cut its throat and decapitated it.

Next I woke up feeling very troubled. I have never dreamt killing an animal before, much less in that heart breaking way. What could possibly mean? I work at Lancaster prison as a psychologist, and today, as I was leaving the building where I work, there was the cutest white, tan, and brown rabbit right in front of me. I thought it was such a darling being to see as I was getting ready to leave the institution.

I work as a contractor, and I am doubting whether I can continue working there as I receive no benefits. Additionally, I am in a relationship with someone who I love, but who through some of his struggles makes me feel ambivalent about the relationship.

Glaze for Days

I cannot help but wonder if the bunne in some way may represent something about the relationship? The man in my life is very sweet, and kind, but in some ways is socially and emotionally stunted due to traumas he experienced as a child, and some as a young adult. Please if you could provide some insight. I know that rabbits are symbols of fertility and abundance in some ways, and they are such tender and wonderful creatures!

It eats a lot but also just sits there and stares a lot too. What does it mean to have the same precious calm bunny come to your backyard every single day?!

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Hi I have a quick question maybe someone can help me with. We went on a nature walk and we had absolutely wonderful conversation and while we were talking I constantly saw bunnies scurrying around everywhere. I have a desire to be with them emotionally-mentally- physically and sexually and as we were walking along he ended up holding my hand and he was very shy about it when he did it. I was very happy that he held my hand but not even a couple moments later… I started wondering what the future would be like for us and I ended up looking down on the sidewalk and there was a rabbit with its head clean off almost like it was decapitated from something it did not look like it was hurt from another animal and looked like a human had did it.

What does this mean? A dead animal pretty well shows you what you are blind to seeing. It does not signify death to a relationship.

Organic Rompers & Pajamas | Infant - Toddler | Rabbit Skip Road

The only death is to your immediate reality for refusing the rabbit. Once you make the decision to acknowledge the animal medicine without doubting it or second guessing it, you will stop seeing dead animals. Dead ones appear when you are to stubborn, or over thinking everything and second guessing. Stop those doubts and dead animals will leave your reality.

Best of fortune to you. I am trying to find answers to this as well…. I on the other hand see it a lot and it stops right by me and looks at me every time. Have you found anything deeper about it? I definitely feel it is looking after me but I am trying to understand the meaning.

It gives me chills every time but I have started to really love bunnies because of this. I really firmly believe in spirit animals and signs now. Hello, I recently saw several rabbits in one day whereas normally I may see one every once in awhile. I am on the verge of a large decision and want to understand the deeper meaning to these sightings. I read that the direction the rabbits are running also have meaning. The first one was hopping in a straight line south.

Later, as I pulled into my driveway, I saw three more. They also ran in a straight line next to my car heading North. Saw a rabbit in my path while driving.. This morning I was organizing my day sitting on the couch. I got up to go to the kitchen and I saw what I thought was stuffed animal fluff all over the living room floor. I looked closer and realized it was from an animal. I have a dog coco, a havanese, my best friend. I knew she had killed an animal and I looked to my right and the upper half of a rabbit with eyes open was lying there. This rabbit has been living in our backyard.

I showed my daughter cleaned it up and said a prayer for the rabbit. Does anyone know what this might be telling me. Honestly Nova, my very first hit is I think just that dogs are hunters and she was probably bringing you a gift. Thank you for this post and for all of those who have commented.

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I would love some insight on what happened to me yesterday. In one picture the green orb was the shape of a rabbit. In another the green orb was the shape of a heart, and one was the shape of a butterfly. I have been reading about the significance of these shapes and trying to decipher what it is that his daughter is trying to tell him. She died of brain cancer at the age of 8 in As you could imagine, her father is still struggling daily with the passing of his only child.

I know she was trying to tell us something. Can anyone help? Blessings, Shawnie. The green orbs in that photo are your angels or light beings whichever you prefer watching out for you and your husband. Green orbs or any colored orbs are spiritual energy. It means good energy or healing energy is with you. I ask because it could also be her reaching out to you. Wishing much healing to you and your husband and sorry for your loss. Rabbit also speaks of creativity, which has been very important to me lately, something that has been a part of my entire life. She represents creativity and allowing the spirit to express itself.

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I can honestly say that I have been writing more, despite all my physical problems right now…. Jules thank you so much for your posts.

I had a dream about a little bunny and Ive had rabbit medicine before. I was burning some old wood in my driveway to clean up a couple weeks ago and I still have a large pile of ashes sitting in my driveway. A couple days ago, as I was coming home, I drove right up to a rabbit sitting on a burnpile of ashes in the evening. The image of the rabbit sitting smack in the middle of a burnpile made an impression on me. I am having troible finding the meaning of the dream I had.

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    Rabbit in the Road Rabbit in the Road
    Rabbit in the Road Rabbit in the Road
    Rabbit in the Road Rabbit in the Road
    Rabbit in the Road Rabbit in the Road
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