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The gentler second subject, in full chordal texture, is initiated by the piano. The development section deals with the principal subject and a descending step-wise motive which was used as the closing theme of the exposition. A complete recapitulation and a quick-tempo coda based on the descending motive round out the first movement. The third movement eschews the traditional scherzo in favor of a leisurely intermezzo with trio, a formal device that came to be greatly favored by Brahms.

The finale grows organically and without strong formal demarcations from two elements stated at the outset: the rising scale motive given in short notes by the cello in the third measure; and the short-phrased theme with dotted rhythms assigned to the violin. One or the other, and often both, of these motives is heard in almost every measure of the movement, lending it a formal unity and developmental power.

Yo Yo Ma — Bach Cello Suite No 4 in Eb Major

In the afternoon I took it out. The first time I tried the work I had the feeling that it was an arrangement…. Please, remodel it once more! The opening movement, tempestuous and tragic in mood, is in a tightly packed sonata form. The dramatic main theme is stated immediately in unison by violin, cello, and piano, and then repeated with greater force by the entire ensemble. The complementary theme, given above an insistently repeated triplet figuration, is more subdued and lyrical in nature than the previous melody.

Dvorak: Chamber Works, Vol. 2 [7-CD Set]

The development section treats the main and second themes, and ushers in the recapitulation on a great wave of sound. The scherzo proper contains three motivic elements: a rising theme of vague rhythmic identity; a snapping motive in strict, dotted rhythm; and a march-like strain in full chordal harmony. These three components are juxtaposed throughout the movement, with the dotted-rhythm theme being given special prominence, including a vigorous fugal working-out.

Romantic Epicenter program notes. Romantic Epicenter program notes Steve Kozyk T Vivaldi, A.

Beethoven, L. Sonata in D major, op.

3 Terzettos Scolastico (Hoffmeister, Franz Anton)

Brahms, J. Sonata no. Kreisler, F.

Cello part

Sonata in G major, K. Sarasate, P.

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Piano Trio in D minor, op. Divertimento for piano, violin, cello in B flat, K. Ravel, M. Schubert, F.

Schumann, R. String Quartet no. Solo Violin Bach, J. This list represents the major works performed by Dr. Orchestral music reflects conductor repertoire only! Sascha Mandl Violinist and Conductor. This repertoire list under construction. Concerto op. Concerto in D major Bruch, M. Concerto in D minor Lalo, E.

Symphonie Espagnole Maurer, L.

Paul Desenne (b. 1959)

Concerto for Four Violins Mendelssohn, F. Concerto in E minor Mozart, W. Concerto in D major Tchaikovsky, P. I Concerto in D major Viotti, G.

Concertos in A minor No. Romanian Folk Dances Beethoven, L.

BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Trios, Vol. 4 - Piano Trios Nos. 4, 8 (Hausmann, Kliegel, Tichman)

E Corelli, A. Sonata op. Sonatina Enesco, G. Sonatina Franck, C.

Terzetto No. 4 - Cello Terzetto No. 4 - Cello
Terzetto No. 4 - Cello Terzetto No. 4 - Cello
Terzetto No. 4 - Cello Terzetto No. 4 - Cello
Terzetto No. 4 - Cello Terzetto No. 4 - Cello
Terzetto No. 4 - Cello Terzetto No. 4 - Cello
Terzetto No. 4 - Cello Terzetto No. 4 - Cello

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