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The exhibition, which comprises recent paintings, drawings and mixed media works of both artists, will be on from Thursday till Dece-mber 22 at Art Gallery, India International Centre Annexe, New Delhi. Her thoughts form clouds in the shape of railway carriages. Ghosh has dedicated this particular painting to the pellet victims where a woman sits on a hospital bed but she still has hope — in the form of dreams, again portrayed very delicately by clouds. It shows a woman lying on grass looking at the clouds with a picture of Hindu-Muslim togetherness.


The clouds here take the shape of the map of undivided India pre-Partition. That one element could be interpreted in so many different emotions is praiseworthy.

Warriyo - Mortals (ft. Laura Brehm)

Ghosh was very inspired by these words and as a result clouds abound in her works. Both artists emphasise on lines which blend with colour creating a harmony. While Ghosh focuses on the rhythm of life, Mete works on our normal day-to-day lives. The duo is influenced by pre-Mughal sculptures, terracotta figurines and traditional and folk art.

Words are all they have: Artist duo takes inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore

We do not have good data on wages, but we know that they have been going up. Yet, the WPI has been going down—by 1. Next, we turn to value added from the production side. When commodity prices decline, the commodity-heavy WPI will decline, as we have just seen. But the GVA deflator will need to increase.

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This may sound strange, but the reasoning is straightforward. Hence, the deflator needs to rise. As a result, the growth estimates have also strayed from reality.

Journal Update

Over the past year, the dynamos of the economy—investment and exports—have remained mired in a slump. Yet, according to the CSO, the economy, excluding agriculture and government, expanded by 9. In other words, the CSO is telling us that good times are back. But this is not consistent with what we see all around us. If the WPI is such a poor proxy for the deflator, what numbers should be used in its place?

Words are all they have: Artist duo takes inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore

There is no single answer. For the service sectors, one could look at the consumer price index CPI for services such as health and education. First wave of floods hits in Assam. Mamata nips dining hall mischief in the bud.

What will the health ministry snack on? Not biscuits.

Supreme Court sets terms for Sahara chief Subrata Roy's release

West Bengal. By Our Bureau in Calcutta. Published Download TT App. More from West Bengal.

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In Subratas Words In Subratas Words
In Subratas Words In Subratas Words
In Subratas Words In Subratas Words
In Subratas Words In Subratas Words
In Subratas Words In Subratas Words

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