How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides)

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The differences between divorce, annulment and separation

What about bonuses for either party that vary from year to year? Does that count in monthly net income? What about of the company moves one parent and gives them relocation; does that count as income?

What about if you are in sales and much of your compensation is from commissions which may vary wildly form one month to the next? And what about if providing health coverage suddenly changes dramatically?

Divorce Guide

Answering your first question: bonuses definitely count as income for purposes of calculating child support in Pennsylvania, as do commissions. Either one is not much different than overtime compensation that fluctuates. In the case of annual bonuses, they will usually be broken out and then one-twelfth of them will be added to your other gross monthly income for purposes of income calculations.

There is a fair argument to be made that relocation reimbursement payments should not be included in income available for support, but how successful that argument might be is likely to depend on the particulars of the situation. If health coverage is no longer available available to you through employment at a reasonable cost, you have a viable claim to be relieved of the obligation until the situation changes, strictly provided that you will probably need to seek alternate means such as CHIP to ensure that your children are covered if your ex does not have coverage available through employment.

This becomes potentially important, because any support modification to which you might be entitled is only ever effective on the date that you ask for it; the court will not punish you for its own delay in scheduling, but neither will the court grant you any freebies.

Where to file your divorce petition (living in different states)

I always recommend looking before you leap, though, and I think you will find it worthwhile to sit down with a child support lawyer for an hour or so to review the situation, crunch numbers, and get the information you need to let you make a more informed decision as early as possible. One low-impact starting point is to discuss the insurance issue with your ex, if possible, to explore what affordable or free alternatives might be available under the circumstances. If you can resolve the matter constructively and without a fight, so much the better for all concerned.

Obviously this is not always possible, but you will have to be the judge of that. Genuine effort is likely to help you more than simply throwing up your hands and not even trying to meet your support obligations. If the Pennsylvania support court concludes that you genuinely cannot pay the order — often, a hard sell!

The violation is not willful if you actually lack the means to pay. Of course, there is much that I do not know about your situation, and that could not be addressed in this limited forum even if I did.

An Overview of Custody Law in Pennsylvania

Bear in mind that a strained financial situation that is not your fault might justify your request for a downward modification of support, but there are plenty of pitfalls along that road. Educate yourself as much as you can, and definitely look before you leap; but if you are going to leap, sooner might be better than later in the sense that any support modification to which you might be entitled will only ever be retroactive to the day you make the request. An informed choice can get you much, much farther than blind guesswork.

They never offer much information, unfortunately. Your best bet is to sit down with an experienced local child support attorney and go over the details of your situation, so that you can get information that applies specifically to your situation and may be immediately useful. Where Pennsylvania child support is concerned, an ounce of prevention really can be worth a pound of cure.

I need help with child support orders i never knew i had until 3 months ago when jurisdiction enforcement changes were made. Ive never been to a hearing or meeting and i just received a contempt of court hearing within the next 2 days. My child is in foster care and me the mother is only legal parent existing as founded…im freaking out and need advice on how to proceed. Information available on the internet will be heavily generalized at best, and at worst will misdirect you. Yes, lawyers are not cheap, but family law in general is one of those areas in which an ounce of prevention really can be worth a pound of cure.

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All of that said, take a deep breath. Make sure you go to the contempt hearing as scheduled, and be on time. Civil contempt — which is what someone faces who is accused of violating a court order to pay support — is about determining whether there has been a willful violation of a court order and if so, what to do about it , with the goal of compelling obedience rather than punishing disobedience.

That means that how and when you learned about the case is relevant, and so is your relative ability to pay support. If your child is in foster care, you almost certainly do owe support no matter what, but obviously it is a concern that you knew nothing about the proceeding.

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To the extent that you can address that immediately — i. With a lawyer. Your county bar association will have a lawyer referral service if you cannot find or afford one on your own, and may be able to offer you income-sensitive options. Thank you very much.

Also i am concerned with the contempt hearing bc i am on ror for a completely different irrelevant matter to this and fighting that criminally as well. I have also been done so dirty by government agencies and employees that im scared to death to even enter the courts by any means.

How To File For Divorce in Pennsylvania

Please help. A body attachment is not the kind of arrest that occurs when you are accused of a crime. When the court tells you where and when to be, it is best to be there. Trying to hide from things like this only loses you opportunity while escalating consequences when what you are running from finally catches up to you.

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Paying child support in Pennsylvania: a survival guide | Pittsburgh Family Law Services, P.C.

Best of all, if the survey is credibly designed to protect the identity of its participants, this can be accomplished without threatening the job security of any employees who participate. Technology can be a valuable tool for blowing the whistle, but it can also make it easier to identify those who expose wrongdoing. While you may be able to share information with the click of a button, chances are that click will be tracked. Luckily, there are tools that can help you remain anonymous when reaching out to advocacy groups, journalists, or other potential allies online.

Digital security best practices are constantly evolving, as are detection technologies and techniques, so there are some general principles that are important to keep in mind while you decide whom and what to trust. State and private actors have the ability to infiltrate many digital devices. The good news is that if you do your homework and are careful, some tools can help maintain the security of your conversations even if all your communications have been intercepted.

Basic lessons to keep in mind are summarized below, with references for more advanced homework. Taking precautions such as using multi-factor authentication to lock down online accounts and using strong unique passwords or better yet, a password manager can help reduce your exposure to online threats, such as criminal hackers, or government investigations seeking the source of leaked information. Even the best encryption will not help if you already have exposed yourself as a threat.

Monitoring software is widely reported to be used by employers, both in and outside the government. Be careful about what information you access at work. Many organizations consider high-tech leakers to be like hackers, and use highly advanced specialists to uncover both. Employers usually maintain logs, keep careful track of who has access to information, and monitor for unusual patterns of access.

For example, you could come under suspicion if logs show you were one of only a few people to print or email a document that later leaks. In some cases it may be advisable to avoid removing data from networks directly. Some organizations automatically identify which machine accessed a file, and removing information through a flash drive, for instance, may look suspicious or even immediately trigger alarms.

Another approach is to transcribe the information word for word on paper. You may want to leave a physical copy of the information hidden somewhere secure inside the organization. If possible without revealing your identity, save an electronic copy of the file to a location where it is unlikely to be found, to safeguard against later erasure of the original.

Many different entities, such as social networks, email providers, and the companies that actually provide internet access, also collect massive amounts of information about users in order to carry out their work and to fuel the online advertising market. While the government may not have immediate access to your online activities, online-service providers may be legally compelled to turn over records in certain circumstances, such as during the course of a criminal investigation.

Consider only doing research about your next steps while using some of the tools described later in this section, such as the Tor Browser or Tails. Carefully consider if documents can identify you as the source before you share them. How many people within the agency have access to them? Is there identifying information built into the text such as timestamps, or tweaks to language or formatting unique to a certain version? If you plan to share digital files, you should strip that information when possible.

Tips on how to strip the info from file types such as Word documents, PDFs, and images are readily available online. Research on ways to cover your digital footprints is best done via Tails or Tor, tools that will be discussed later in this chapter, because searching for this type of information could throw suspicion on you if uncovered later during a leak investigation. Scans of physical copies of documents may also include identifying information. For example, most printers leave tracking information in the form of dots not obvious to the human eye. These should be scrubbed before the document is shared, if at all possible, through methods such as converting the document to black and white and making repeated printed copies that can distort the trackers.

Also avoid cloud storage services like iCloud or Google Drive that can be linked to you. Instead, keep them isolated and encrypted on new, securely stored flash drives that have never been used on a computer that can be traced to you. The best defense against digital snooping at this time is using technologies that incorporate strong encryption, both for communications and stored data. For communications, end-to-end encryption—encryption that applies throughout the process to help ensure that only the sender and receiver can read the contents—is currently the best tool to use.

That means that even if communications are secured with the strongest options currently available, future advances in computing may make something that would take years or decades to crack now easier to crack in the future. Encryption can protect the content of different types of communications, including instant messages, email, and voice calls. Generally, metadata, such as when and who you contact, may still be observable because this information is necessary to deliver messages.

How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides) How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides)
How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides) How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides)
How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides) How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides)
How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides) How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides)
How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides) How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania (Legal Survival Guides)

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