Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition)

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One of them has been fascinating gamers and online players for almost 25 years: Civilization. Its principle? Very sophisticated in terms of technology, this video game is a sort of cultural odds and ends: free of any historical verisimilitude Caesar can face Napoleon , Civilization draws on uninhibited evolutionism and ethnocentrism. What are the special advantages that help them outperform their competitors the other civilizations?

Qui voudra jouer David contre Goliath. Elles y sont relativement nombreuses. Ce temps est celui des commencements. Le joueur prend-il pour argent comptant ces informations? Aziza C. Ben Achour Y. Boutonnet V. Demers dir. Corbeil P. Dalongeville A. Huntington S. Le choc des civilisations , Paris, Huizinga J.

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Joly-Lavoie A. Rabino T. Rolling A. The contributions in this issue focus on the period from the eighteenth to the early twentieth century and explore aspects of state-building policies and processes of territorialization manifest on both the Tibetan and Chinese sides, also lending greater visibility to the agency of local actors.

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View on cross-currents. Des mondes en devenir. View on efeo.

[4K] ວຽງຈັນ - Walking in Vientiane, Laos

Publisher: UC Press, escholarship. View on ucpress. Constituting over ninety percent of China's population, Han is not only the largest ethnonational group in that country but also one of the largest categories of human identity in world history. In this pathbreaking volume, a In this pathbreaking volume, a multidisciplinary group of scholars examine this ambiguous identity, one that shares features with, but cannot be subsumed under, existing notions of ethnicity, culture, race, nationality, and civilization.

By examining the social construction of hierarchy in China, Critical Han Studies sheds light on broad issues of cultural dominance and in-group favoritism. It will make a valuable and enduring contribution to our understanding of the uniqueness and complexity of Chinese history and culture. In doing so it illuminates brightly how and when ideas about race and ethnicity change in the service of shifting configurations of power.

History "Addressing the problem of the 'Han' ethnos from a variety of relevant perspectives - historical, geographical, racial, political, literary, anthropological, and linguistic - Critical Han Studies offers a responsible, informative deconstruction of this monumental yet murky category. It is certain to have an enormous impact on the entire field of China studies. Mair, University of Pennsylvania "A powerful, probing account of the idea of the 'Han Chinese'--that deceptive category which, like 'American,' is so often presented as a natural default, even though it really is of recent vintage.

A feast for both Sinologists and comparativists everywhere. University of California Press, View on escholarship. Publisher: haujournal. Ethnographic Theory. View on haujournal. In this chapter, I examine the seldom studied but now obsolete tradition of facial tattooing among Drung women in Yunnan province, China. In particular, I analyse the progressive, quasi-initiatory transition into womanhood established by Female tattooing—by puncturing the skin, causing bleeding and pain—sustains and marks the social and physiological time of the transition to nubility.

Feel free to contact me if you owuld like the full paper. Le battement de la vie. The article explores the principles of differentiation that preside over the modes of relation between the diverse components of this world, by paying close attention to subsistence activities. Until recently, the Drung people practised swidden agriculture, and hunting and collecting remained important secondary sources of food.

Publication Date: View on dx. Southernmost Kham, which borders Burma and Yunnan Province, remained at the juncture of several mutually competing political centers until the first half of the twentieth century. On the fringes of Tibetan, Naxi, and Chinese expansion and Their political dependency often arose from trading with and accepting loans from commercial agents and from the intermediaries of local rulers, Naxi and Tibetans alike. This article addresses this practice of providing credit, which was developed at the expense of impoverished groups who were often obliged to accept the terms of the transaction.

The author particularly emphasizes the connections between this system of debt dependency, the relationship between creditors and debtors that has to be considered in terms of exchange and reciprocity, and the question of political legitimacy.

(PDF) Historical Dictionary of the skikevartudic.ga | Kamel Khalil - skikevartudic.ga

Within this broader context of regional interethnic relations, the article provides a detailed analysis of the concrete terms of the political relationship that existed between Drung communities and Tibetan chiefs of Tsawarong, which contributes to an understanding of the workings of this relationship and its economic, territorial, and even ritual components. Against this historical background, the articles address questions of economic history, cultural interchange, and political legitimation and contestation at critical historical junctures.

They show in particular how historical developments in trade and commerce are interlaced with notions of wealth and value, and linked to political control and authority. Together they bring new, ethnographically oriented historical studies into the arena of theoretical approaches to borderlands and corridors of contact. Philippe Sagant ; Thoughts on disappearing worlds more. The ethnologist Philippe Sagant, a specialist of the Himalayas, passed away on January 10, , following a long illness which brought his career to an early end in A researcher at CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France since , he leaves behind a substantial yet little-known body of scientific work, despite the English translation of a large series of articles, published under the title The Dozing Shaman a.

Our only regret is that the ideas outlined in this text have not been taken any further due to the untimely death of this great research scholar. This article discusses the fl uidity of ethnic categorization in the context of changing ethnic relations, based on a diachronic and regional approach.

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It is argued that such an approach is needed to understand identity trajectories of Hent Guide til dansk arkitektur. Hent Som dig selv - Svend Andersen.

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Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition) Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition)
Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition) Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition)
Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition) Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition)
Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition) Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition)
Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition) Histoires de femmes et décalages culturels au Laos (French Edition)

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