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A self-evident statement, as I believe Aristotle pointed out, is one that is proved simply by defining the terms, such as "Rhombuses have four sides"; since the definition of a rhombus is an object with four equal sides, no contrary statement can logically be maintained. On the other hand, the statement "Life-forms change over time owing to random mutation" can still be logically denied as FitzRoy himself demonstrated after one has defined "life-form" and "mutation".

Ergo, it is not self-evident. I used the phrase 'self-evident' while parodying the views of those people who see FitzRoy as a bit of a fool. The truth of evolution is beyond doubt, but it could hardly be described as self-evident, otherwise everyone would believe in it.

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In Chile we are especially grateful to Robert FitzRoy's memory, for such an illustrious seaman, explorer, hydrographer and meteorologist made a valuable contribution to the knowledge of our seas, shores, and interiors waters in Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn Archipielago. At the end of FitzRoy's Bicentenary year , both three commemorative marble plaques have been presented by some Chilean maritime and heritage institutions in homage to FitzRoy, and they shall be, weather permitting, inaugurated forthcoming months in Puerto Williams Worlds Southernst town, in Navarin Island , in Cape Horn and in Wulaia Bay.

The British Ambassador was present in both two of the ceremonies. Please add to FitzRoy's biography that he was a remarkable hydrographer and surveyor of Patagonian and Fuegian shores. This is really an important fact.

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A Critique of PBS's Evolution

When darwin boarded the Beagle he was lent a book on Geology by Fitzroy. It was by Charles Lyell. The five years that Darwin spent aboard the Beagle was a tremendous training ground for Darwin who would daily associate with Fitzroy and be challenged by him on all topics. Fitzroy's contribution to science is remarkable.

Recently when enquiring about Fitzroy at the National Maritime Museum, I had to explain to staff who Fitzroy was, when I felt it was that fine institution that should have been assisting my learning. I was left with a similar feeling after visiting Down House, which repeatedly presented information regarding Bishop Wilberforce's comments, but did little to explain the voyage of the Beagle and the circumstances that brought it about.

It is by Harry Thompson. Darwin was about 4 th choice to be Fitzroy's companion on that voyage of the Beagle. A book about their trip was titled " the Can anyone help please?

The Tragic Life of Charles Darwin's Captain

Fitzroy was clearly a 6-day creationist in , but I cannot find out later views. My suspicion is that other Christians who held such views in the s he started to accept geological time.

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Your email address will not be published. The rest, as they say, is history. He lives in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

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Science and history and geography and evolution and culture all tangled up in musings while walking about the moors around Hebden Bridge. COM etc. Subscribe to the newsletter :. I agree entirely that evolution is not self-evident. Freeman 10; Hill ; Norman ; Sabin II, octavo x mm. Half-titles, 8 engraved folding maps and charts loosely inserted in pockets at the front of each volume, as issued, the ribbon for extracting the charts still present in each pocket, 48 plates and charts, and 6 text illustrations, with advertisements dated August at end of the appendix some light spotting to plates, a few of the charts split at folds.

Original blue cloth spines somewhat faded and with minor repairs.

Lee, LL. FitzRoy, Sept. A view of our Amsterdam auctions, showcasing over lots by major German, Austrian and Belgian artists. Sale Valuable Books and Manuscripts. London 10 July Browse Sale.

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