Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale

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The stories of the dead are lost. They are, instead, about the realization that this disease will kill the storyteller. Beth is blunt. That puts off many in the cancer world, but I find it refreshing. The goal of the organization is to direct more research funding to metastatic disease. To its credit, Met Up does not accept pharmaceutical funding support.

This allows the organization to speak freely about the astronomical prices for cancer drugs. A civil rights lawyer, blogger, and mother to two young children, Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37 in She has been in continuous treatment, yet now the cancer has spread to her brain.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I suppose I, the caregiver, am the survivor. Most discussions about survivorship focus on living life after a cancer diagnosis.

Samara, Childhood Cancer Warrior - Chai Lifeline

The bladder cancer patient community was recently shaken to its core by the unexpected death of Pat, a longtime advocate. Like many women with bladder cancer, Pat was misdiagnosed for two years before finally being diagnosed with bladder cancer that had spread to nearby lymph nodes stage 3.

Pat followed the treatment protocol for her cancer, was eventually deemed cancer free, and went on to become a super-advocate for other women newly diagnosed with bladder cancer.

She advocated vociferously on their behalf, educating the public about the symptoms of the disease and urging women to be vigilant. Pat was known to spend hours on the phone just to help one terrified patient. Pat reached her five-year cancer free mark a couple years ago and continued to be a supportive voice for others with cancer. No standard follow-up protocol would have caught this metastasis.

Surviving Cancer Without the Positive Thinking

And that has, understandably, struck terror among bladder cancer patients. It is the stories that terrify and sadden us in which we can find questions to inspire change. Should bladder cancer protocols be modified to better catch early disease?

Recent advances bring hope

Can we identify who might be at greater risk for less-common metastasis? Should bladder cancer patients have full body scans instead of just abdominal scans as part of their follow up? Sometimes the storyteller is blunt, and shocks us with harsh realities. Sometimes the storyteller is the medical trail of someone who was expected to live but who died anyway.

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I am now married to Tim Louwers. We both lost our first spouses to terminal illnesses and have lived the isolation of that experience as well as widowhood. Inspired to create a digital space for storytelling that explores death, dying, and mortality, we founded the nonprofit Months To Years. It will also eventually serve as a clearinghouse for resources to help spouses of the terminally ill.

Faith's Warriors to Fight Her Cancer by Andra Schneider

Our goal is to counter the cultural silence around death and dying. Maybe they will, in small ways, inspire big questions and positive change.

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  7. Recent advances bring hope!

Cancer is a multi-billion maybe trillion dollar industry worldwide. The money goes for salaries, and drug development, hardly any comparatively, for anything else. Finally, a vaccine around 10 yrs ago.

Why cancer is not a war, fight, or battle

Another cancer-causing virus oncovirus is Epstein-Barr, causative for Hodgkins disease, and others. My point is that it is VERY likely that breast cancer, and many other cancers are caused by viruses as well.

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  • The whole Herpes group of viruses are cancer-causers. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are giving this helpful guide about dense breasts to every woman who requests it. Help us honor those at every step of the breast cancer journey by sharing the story of how you or someone you love has been affected by breast cancer. We will share these stories throughout the month of October on our social media channels to encourage others facing breast cancer.

    When you need information, help, or hope, we are here for you. Help us reach more women this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Here are just a few of the ways you can help us help women in need:. Our mission is to help those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services.

    Sandra is just ONE of the many women we get to help every day in our commitment to walking alongside women through every step of their breast cancer journey. Donate Now.

    Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale
    Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale
    Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale
    Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale
    Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale
    Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale
    Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale Combating Cancer: A Warriors Tale

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